1 Day Workshop: Artificial Intelligence

Trianz IT and Cloud Solutions Pvt. Ltd

A 1-day working session, designed for business and IT stakeholders, that guides your business in understanding the AI products and services offered by Azure and how best to use them.

As an experienced Azure Gold Partner, Trianz understands business' intense focus on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Services as a means of gaining a competitive advantage. However, the cost, time investment, and knowledge necessary can be substantial, when you don't know where to begin.

The Trianz AI workshop includes is a single day of breadth and depth on Azure's various AI products and services. Included in the workshop are topics such as:

  • Understanding if AI, ML, and Azure's Cognitive Services are right for you
  • How best to experiment with these products (including services like Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Bot Service, LUIS, Machine Learning Studio, etc.)
  • A review of real-world use-cases
  • An high-level implementation plan, for a given AI product or architecture
  • A Q&A session to fill any remaining gaps in understanding Azure AI products and services
  • Following this assessment, Trianz will provide you with an action plan to move forward with your AI journey

Microsoft's democratization of AI has made it easier than ever to experiment with the most cutting edge machine intelligence technologies available. Ask us how Trianz can help you take advantage of these products and services.