Azure DevOps - 2 Week Implementation

Trianz IT and Cloud Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Trianz will guide you on your CICD and DevOps journey through the implementation of the Azure DevOps service.

Azure DevOps can be one of the most useful tools in your firm's repertoire for implementing CICD in your IT and development processes. Trianz' experience with this service, and our deep understanding of CICD principles, best practices, and tools, allows us to confidently deploy Azure DevOps for your teams. Whether you're new to DevOps or a seasoned user/organization, Trianz can streamline this implementation and rapidly deploy this service so your developers and IT administrators can begin optimizing their processes quickly and effectively.

Included in this offering are the following services:

  • An evaluation of existing DevOps processes within your team or firm.
  • An implementation plan which outlines the deployment process, relevant stakeholders, and deliverables expected from the engagement.
  • Deployment and configuration of the Azure DevOps service, including connectivity to your existing identity provider, such as AAD or AD.
  • Optionally, a workshop or training session(s) to help guide your teams in using Azure DevOps, and understanding CICD and DevOps best practices and principles.