Azure Foundation Framework - 2 Week Implementation

Trianz IT and Cloud Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Deploy and configure a base Azure environment, complete with a hub-and-spoke topology and all included VNET, subnet, and WAN components.

For enterprises that are considering leveraging the cloud, it can be difficult to take the first step. Server management, network configuration, and other IT operations management (ITOM) tasks require a starkly different approach in the cloud versus on-premises. Because of this, your IT department may lack the understanding and confidence to properly manage your new cloud infrastructure, reducing efficiency and potentially exposing your enterprise to attackers.

To overcome these challenges, Trianz has developed the Azure Foundational Framework. This framework aligns both with industry best practices and best practices developed by Microsoft, for the Azure platform. Included in the framework are all the foundational components necessary to stand up a secure and reliable hybrid Azure environment, complete with the relevant networks, subnets, Expressroute/VPN, and resource segmentation. The architecture is relatively simple and includes a Dev, Test, Production, and Shared Services environment, which are deployed in a hub-and-spoke topology, as well as all the relevant networking components such as, VNETs, subnets, NSGs, etc. The deployment of these services can be rapid, even as quickly as a few days. Trianz commitment to automation on Azure allows our architects and engineers to deploy the same, reliable environments quickly and without the need for substantial customer SME involvement.

Our Azure Foundational Framework also covers broader network management, role-based access control (RBAC), data governance, and Azure best practices—offering a comprehensive plan to implement and manage your new Azure infrastructure. The best part: This framework can be used to automatically provision compliant, optimally pre-configured server instances on Azure, allowing you to get up and running quickly on the platform.