Azure Cloud Stack: 4 day implementation

Trifork A/S

Trifork Cloud Stack is a curated Azure solution which deploys and manages the infrastructure of your Azure services.

Trifork Cloud Stack will help your business maintain and optimize services in hybrid scenarios with both on-prem and cloud usage. It adopts fast to changes in the regulatory environment to ensure maneuverability and cost-effectiveness.

What Trifork Cloud Stack covers:

Deployment: Trifork Cloud Stack supplies automated deployment of the entire stack and your application into the Azure environment by following the principles of • Built on the newest and certified tools • Compatible with your existing tools • Continuous monitoring and validation of the entire environment • Security audits

Monitoring: Trifork Cloud Stack adds monitoring and visibility to the applications based on three levels of insights: • Centralized Logs • Centralized Metrics • Distributed Traces

Workload Security: Trifork Cloud Stack helps with best practice for Azure Security compliance through: • Scanning docker images • Automated auditing of configurations • Security rapports

Runtime Security: Trifork Cloud Stack assists with best practice for Azure Security compliance through: • Secure storage of passwords and certificates • Full encryption to all networks for secure communication • Intrusion and abnormality detection system

Compliance Checking: Trifork Cloud Stack assist in parsing compliance checks: • CIS Compliant Benchmarks • Auditing of all applications, both by internal and external auditors • Options for clearly defined deployment processes, without adding difficult processes, building new systems, and slowing down developers • A set of enforced security policies