AI for Business: 3 days workshop

Trifork A/S

An ideation workshop for identifying AI opportunities within your business, getting you on the fast track to the latest AI technologies.

Our workshop is a shortcut for taking the first step towards a real-world application of AI with. Together we identify the business sense of implementing Artificial Intelligence into your Azure infrastructure:

• A digital Design Thinking process that fits the nature of machine learning solutions. • Business problems and potential solutions validated with real users and business experts. • A workshop that allows you to take the first step towards an AI-adopted organisation.


Problem discovery We start with a business problem discovery phase before the workshop. In this phase we gather specific knowledge from the stakeholders about the potential business problems to consider for the workshop.

Workshop The workshop itself consists of five stages. The line of work often cycles through these stages in an iterative fashion, refining knowledge and results at each pass, rather than following each step in a mere sequential order. We will dive into your organisation, the processes, the data and the insights that will bring you benefits.

Evaluation A business case is scoped in an agile way based on the knowledge co-created during the workshop. You can demonstrate the value for your organisation giving you the best start to continue your AI journey

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