Azure Discover Machine Learning: 2 days workshop

Trifork A/S

An ideation workshop for identifying Machine Learning opportunities within your business, getting you on the fast track to the latest AI technologies.

The focus of the workshop is to innovate your business by identifying use cases within your organization and exploring data sources. Our workshop helps customers understand the concepts behind machine learning innovation and ideation for Azure in order to identify potential business challenges that can be solved by using them. Deeper technical topics, such as training, algorithm selection and development, are defined in “Azure Cloud Discover PoC”.

Agenda: Day 1 Machine Learning Overview Review machine learning concepts and objectives with customer.

Use Case Identification Workshop Facilitate group ideation with key line of business owners and stakeholders to identify at least three viable machine learning use cases.

Day 2 Stakeholder Interviews Gather information on data set location, access, and characteristics.

Technical Assessment Conduct high-level feasibility analysis of proposed machine learning use cases relative to data set capabilities and limitations.

Executive summary report Prepare executive report for customer on findings and recommended next steps for machine learning strategy on business use cases and review key learnings. Discuss next steps for technical implementation.

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