Trivadis Azure DevOps: 4-Day Assessment

Trivadis AG

This is a short assessment in which we understand technological challenges, explore automation related constraints and establish the needs of the software delivery pipeline(s).

Azure DevOps Assessment

Our DevOps experts will work closely with your team. In our 4-days Azure DevOps assessment you will learn how to move forward into a high-functioning, DevOps enabled practice. We start with identifying your potential, define actions, map next steps, and create a roadmap. This assessment is offered in 3 phases.

The first phase is the quick-off meeting where we introduce the different people and the concept, and where we define the goals and the planning together. This initial phase fits into one day or sometimes a half a day.

The second phase is 3 days’ where we really dive into the different steps of a DevOps pipeline to see how your organization fits into it and how we can adapt your processes. The day 1 will cover the plan and the code. The day 2 will cover the integration and the test. The day 3 will cover the Release, the deployment, and the operation.

The third phase of this assessment will consolidate everything into a full report. This report will include a roadmap and a budgetary estimation to convert your current development organization into a full DevOps organization.