Data Science - AI/ML 1-Day Readiness Assessment and Roadmap

TrueNorth Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd

A one day workshop where the TrueNorth Group team assess the client's readiness for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and produce a Roadmap for Implementation

During the Data Science - AI/ML Assessment Roadmap engagement, a team of skilled and experienced consultants and data scientists work with the client to determine their readiness for the implementation and operationalization of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning use cases. The outcome of this assessment is a clear roadmap document that details the required steps to implement this strategy on the tools within Microsoft Azure.

Using the latest technologies available in Microsoft Azure, the team from TrueNorth Group will ensure a roadmap that includes a proposed architecture based on the client's strategy as well as the implementation path. This roadmap document will also include cost estimates on the consumption of Azure resources as well as cost for the project and/or resources to implement.

The engagement will consist of a 1 day on-site assessment at the client's premises, and additional 2 days to prepare the roadmap and present this back to the client and key stakeholders.