Azure VMware Solution: 1-Day Discovery Assessment

Trustmarque Solutions Limited

Help assess the state of your infrastructure and assets, in readiness for moving VMware-based workloads from your data centre to Azure, and integrating your VMware environment with Azure.

Service Description

The AVS Discovery Assessment aims to familiarise you with AVS and assess your environment in readiness for moving or extending your on-premise VMware environments to Microsoft Azure. The Assessment addresses suitability, perform performance-based sizing and estimate costs giving you a clear understanding of the suitability of AVS for your business.

The Assessment will be conducted by our highly experienced and accredited VMWare and Microsoft Azure Consultants.

Service Approach

The Assessment covers the following areas:
  • Overview of the Azure VMware Solution
  • Assessment of your current VMware estate (including an inventory of all assets)
  • Migration Planning (including area of network design, accurate sizing)
  • Monthly cost estimation based on discovery data
Optional elements below can also be covered:
  • Industry standard Governance
  • Support Services and Managed Services options

Service Deliverables

After the Assessment, you should have a good understanding of:
  • The AVS offering and the associated features, functionality and benefits
  • How you can integrate AVS with your on-premise environment
  • Your current estate, the infrastructure that can be moved and how you can move it
  • Cost estimations based on discovery data
  • An understanding of VMware’s HCX technology and a high-level plan for migration
  • How you can take advantage of Azure's broad suite of native services