Azure VMware Solution: 4-Wk Proof of Concept

Trustmarque Solutions Limited

A 4 week Proof of Concept of Azure VMware Solution using best-practice methodologies, delivered by a Microsoft specialist partner.

Service Description

The purpose of the Proof of Concept (PoC) is to demonstrate AVS functionality. The PoC will prove the suitability of AVS and help minimise risks associated with implementation and help accelerate production rollout as appropriate. The AVS PoC will test up to five virtual servers.

Service Approach

  • Kick-off Call: Introduction to the Trustmarque team, review of dependencies and identification of key personnel, with call and workshop scheduling
  • Service Discovery Workshop(s):Discovery of infrastructure, applications, security posture, governance, and data types/sources, pre-requisites and success criteria. Development of POC/Test and Acceptance Plan
  • Design: Based on the information gathered from the workshop session(s) we will provide a high-level design that meets customer needs for PoC. We will also make sure that your on-premises vSphere environment meets the minimum requirements
  • Deploy and Build: Build AVS PoC environment as per PoC requirements specification. Deploy and configure the on-premise VMware HCX Connector for your AVS private cloud. Setup VPN* and test connectivity between on-premise and Azure
  • Migration & Testing: Test migration using VMware’s HCX technology**. Depending on scope of the PoC, migrate up to five virtual servers to AVS or create up to five new servers in AVS. Testing ratified with customer. Execute test cases and defined pilot scenarios
  • Clean Down: Decommission POC environment as appropriate

Service Deliverables

  • Discovery workshop
  • Design, build & deployment of AVS PoC environment
  • Migrate virtual servers or create new in AVS
  • Design documentation, handover & testing

*ExpressRoute circuit is required to Azure for production use **VMware HCX is not supported by VMware over VPN, other migration tools can be used ***Can be moved to production