Droplet App Migration: 1-Wk Proof of Concept

Trustmarque Solutions Limited

Proof of Concept to test the security and compliance for your application migrations into Azure with Droplet

Droplet will help you lift and shift existing environments be they legacy or modern, such as 2003, 2008 server or old client applications, for seamless migrations.

The Droplet Proof of Concept (PoC) aims to verify defined success criteria in evaluating the solutions fit for purpose.

PoC Objectives

Successfully migrate existing server environments into Azure allowing customers to achieve compliance standards such as cyber essentials plus or NIST.

Project Goals

These goals are aligned to the actual project itself, and defined with the customer. These are typically the proof elements that the project needs to deliver from a technical perspective.

  • Successfully demonstrate the customer application running inside a Droplet Container
  • Allow successful migration to Azure or Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Add additional security to legacy applications

Business Goals

Business goals are more high-level and define what the project is going to deliver back to the business.
  • Cost effective pricing model futureproofing the application for future operating systems
  • Decommission older operating systems achieving cyber essentials plus compliance standards

Success Criteria

Success criteria will be pre-defined with the customer based on project and business goals.