Azure Virtual Desktop - AVD: 4Wk PoC

Trustmarque Solutions Limited

Using best-practice methodologies, we help you accelerate your Azure Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept (PoC)

Service Description

Our Azure Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept provides an accelerated service to enabling you to rapidly test WVD capabilities within your organisation.

Service Approach

  • Kick-off Call: Introduction to the Trustmarque team, review of dependencies and identification of key personnel, with call and workshop scheduling
  • Discovery Workshop(s): This will focus on the current Landing Zone and changes that we may need to make, as well as and understanding of the application and any dependencies (e.g., authentication)
  • Design of Virtual Solution: Design based on the criteria and considerations uncovered in the workshops and kick off sessions
  • Build and Deploy of PoC AVD Solution: We will deploy a AVD solution based on the discovery sessions and design signed off by the customer to build the PoC. We will generate a golden image and rapidly deploy it manually to a spoke (or subnet in an existing spoke) as per requirements
  • Handover and Test: Once the environment is deployed, we will test key elements like connectivity and identity. We will also carry out an informal training session where we present handover and design documents

Service Deliverables

  • Discovery Workshop(s) to understand exiting Azure Landing Zone, applications and dependencies
  • Design of AVD PoC Solution based on workshop functional and non functional requirements
  • Build and Deployment of AVD PoC environment
  • Full design documentation, handover and testing