Consulting for Advanced Microsoft Security Solutions: 4-Week Implementation

Lakeforest Technologies OÜ

We work with hybrid customers, offering services and solutions for the modern workplace and hybrid-cloud management.

We are specialized in Microsoft advanced security and management workloads. We can implement the following solutions:

  • Azure Automation
  • Inventory and Change Tracking
  • Desired State Configuration
  • Azure Update Management
  • Azure Defender for Cloud
  • Microsoft Sentinel
  • Log Analytics
  • Defender for Endpoint
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Arc
  • Defender for Identity

We can help you to transform your hybrid-cloud management and security.

Engagement flow

  • 1st Week - Kickoff and scoping o Analyzing business needs and defining project goals o Current environment assessment  Tools, processes, environment size, issues o Introduction to Microsoft Security and Management tools  Solutions  Requirements  Capabilities  Value proposition o Architecture overview and deployment models o Defining POC success criteria
  • 2nd Week o Services deployment on Azure based on the agreed scope o Agent deployment on POC servers
  • 3rd Week o POC results review  Collected data, vulnerabilities, benchmarking, inventory, changes o Cost estimation for production workloads
  • 4rth Week o Production rollout o Customer IT training

Deliverables Based on the agreed scope and needs, we can deliver the following things:

  • Datacenter patching using the Azure Update Management
  • Cloud-based SIEM and SOAR solution using the Microsoft Sentinel
  • IT process Automation through Azure Automation
  • Datacenter inventory and change tracking across the platforms
  • Compliance tracking across the customer datacenters using the Azure Policy and Machine Configuration Services
  • Threat detection using the Defender for Cloud and Defender for Endpoint
  • Vulnerability and Configuration Management using Defender for Endpoint


  • Increased overall security
  • 360-degree overview
  • Centrally managed SIEM and SOAR solution
  • Security is built-in and not bolted
  • Risks are managed and controlled