Application(s) Migration: 6-12 Wk Azure Implementation


As a Microsoft Gold Partner in App Integration & Cloud Platforming, 27Global's team of Azure-certified experts have the technical know-how & business acumen to make your migration a seamless journey.

With expertise in cloud-native software solutions and DevOps, 27Global has a proven track record of executing successful moves to the cloud. Many competitors can successfully re-host and re-platform, but fall short of refactoring, which is where significant cost savings and value-add lie. Refactoring applications and leveraging microservices architectures is the home turf of 27Global's practice. Whether retiring an older platform or re-hosting your existing infrastructure in the cloud, we will outline the steps needed to make the transformation as seamless as possible.

Our Azure-certified cloud experts will:

  1. Analyze your applications and infrastructure to define the optimal cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid cloud solution,
  2. Work with you to develop the best strategy for getting your business to the cloud, and
  3. Provide a thorough understanding of the impact on your bottom line.

Discovery Phase: 27Global begins every cloud migration engagement with Client stakeholder interviews to understand all underlying business goals, growth strategy, and functional requirements that will guide, and must be supported by, their move to the Cloud. Using this guidance, we then move to the Definition Phase.

Definition Phase:

  • Analyze in-scope applications and current infrastructure to establish future cloud environment requirements
  • ID all on-prem dependencies within existing applications, including data sources and workflows
  • Prioritize the order in which applications are migrated to Azure; Identify any opportunities for containerization
  • Develop strategic migration roadmap + cloud cost analysis

Data Analysis Phase:

  • Evaluate current data architecture & provide mapped application dependencies
  • Identify opportunities to eliminate and/or consolidate redundancies to streamline database design and optimize costs
  • Review existing (or establish new) guidance for data sync & recovery/backup/retention
  • Provide Future/Target State data architecture + Data migration roadmap

Cloud Transformation Phase:

  • Update migrated apps for cloud optimization = re-platform & re-factor vs simply re-hosting
  • Create CI/CD pipelines to allow for automated deployment of each on-prem application to an Azure App Service or AKS cluster, based on the need of the application.
  • Execute migrations based on Roadmap guidance
  • Coordinate with Client subject matter experts (SMEs) to ensure each application's business requirements have been validated once deployed to Azure cloud.

*Duration and cost are estimated values; Vary based on project complexity. Please contact 27Global for more information.