BizTalk Health Check vs. Azure 1-Wk Assessment

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TwoConnect : The Microsoft BizTalk Server Health Check is the 1st step toward getting your BizTalk system to achieve optimal performance & to consider the pros and cons of Azure migration.

The Microsoft BizTalk Server Health Check is an assessment of your BizTalk infrastructure & operational processes. This assessment collects data & statistics that identify security risks & configuration concerns & then issues a report summarizing its findings including the pros and cons of migrating some or all of your BizTalk apps to Azure.

The final report provides recommendations for addressing these issues, which your TwoConnect engineer can help you implement. The assessment can be accomplished either onsite or remotely.

The assessment supplies your business with the tools it needs to address the following processes:

  • Identify potential problems before they affect production.
  • Review critical processes to achieve minimum downtime due to disaster recovery.
  • Understand BizTalk functionality and evaluate if Azure would improve it.
  • Identify any red flags or warnings that might be adversely affecting users.
  • Understand common problems and mistakes made by administrators and developers.
  • Understand supportability best practices.
  • Benefits of Azure Logic Apps & Azure Integration Services.


Part I: Data Gathering

  • Schedule conference call with customer to ensure all parties are prepared for the assessment.
  • Identify possible bottlenecks that might happen during normal traffic loads and operating hours.
  • Analyze general and environment-specific BizTalk configurations.
  • Check event logs.
  • Establish backup, restore, and disaster recovery policies.
  • Review general architecture to consider server performance and reliability.
  • Evaluate key architectural configurations for fault tolerance, load balancing, and deployment.

Part II: Data Analysis and Reporting

  • After completing the health check, the collected information is analyzed. TwoConnect will provide a scorecard on different aspects of the health of your BizTalk environment.

Estimated price varies on solution requirements.