TwoConnect : BizTalk 2020 Upgrade vs. Azure PoC

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TwoConnect: Is upgrading to BizTalk 2020 worth it? Or is it better to migrate your integrations to Microsoft Azure Logic Apps? Try our BizTalk Upgrade vs. Migrate to Azure PoC to find out.

One of the biggest questions many of our BizTalk Server customers are asking is whether they should upgrade to BizTalk 2020 or migrate their integrations to Azure Logic Apps.

Our award-winning Microsoft Integration consulting team provides everything you need to find out if upgrading to BizTalk 2020 is a good option for you.

Our 3-day POC will take you through step by step.


DAY 1 – Kickoff & Requirements

  • Review Current BizTalk Applications and App & Data Requirements

  • Design Recommended Architecture for Azure Integration Services (AIS)

  • Identify Tasks to Perform in Order to Deliver the Working Integration Workload

DAY 2 – Solution Upgrade

  • Stage Azure Environment

  • Develop Integration Azure Integration Services Artifacts (API, Logic Apps, etc.)

  • Begin Integration Testing

DAY 3 – Delivery

  • Complete Integration Testing

  • Demonstrate Working Integration


  • Working Logic Apps Integration

  • Recommended Azure Integration Services Migration Plan

  • Estimated price varies on solution requirements and integration workloads