BizTalk 2020 Upgrade vs. Azure Migration Consulting Services

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TwoConnect: Is upgrading to BizTalk 2020 worth it? Or is it better to migrate your integrations to Microsoft Azure?

One of the biggest questions many of our BizTalk Server customers are asking is whether they should upgrade to BizTalk 2020 or migrate their integrations to Azure Logic Apps.

Our award-winning Microsoft Integration consulting team provides everything you need to find out if upgrading to BizTalk 2020 is a good option for you.

We will take a look at your system and assess the following:

  • Will Azure be cheaper or more expensive?
  • Do my developers know both BizTalk or Azure? Which one do they want to know?
  • Can I sunset the BizTalk Environment entirely or will I be stuck in a hybrid world?
  • How long will Microsoft provide BizTalk product support for your BizTalk version?
  • How long with will integration development take?
  • What other technologies must be migrated as part of this transition?
  • Is the entire company moving to the cloud?
  • Do I really have to migrate at all?

Contact TwoConnect and let's find out together.

  • Estimated price varies on solution requirements and integration workloads