TwoConnect: Integrate Salesforce & Azure API's PoC

TwoConnect - App Modernization & Azure Data Solutions

TwoConnect: Our Azure Logic Apps-based solution delivers a highly flexible, fully automated, and easily supportable integration solution.

Do you find it challenging to integrate across your Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Logic Apps, and API Apps in a single service? Does your IT staff need to create automated tasks and workflows for your Salesforce resources such as records, jobs, and objects? Azure Logic Apps and Salesforce integration streamlines automated tasks and workflows, and more.

Azure Integration Services makes it easy to fully integrate with your JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), XML, and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) line of business applications. With Azure Logic Apps and Salesforce connector, you can automate tasks and workflows for your Salesforce resources. For example, you can monitor when records are created or changed; create, get, and manage jobs and records, and more.

Our Azure Logic Apps-based solution identifies your specific business integration scenarios, planning integration with target systems, designing and planning integration APIs, testing integrations, and developing a roadmap for moving forward that will integrate across your apps quickly and efficiently.


Day 1 - Scope and Setup

  • Identify Integration Scenarios and Transactions

  • Plan Your Integration Approach

  • Set Up Azure with Optional Integration Services Environment (ISE)

  • Setup Connectors

  • Communicate Your Integration Plan

DAY 2 – Design and Plan

  • Design Integration APIs

  • Select Azure Monitor Packages

DAY 3 & 4 – Develop

  • Develop APIs and Messaging Flows

  • Develop Transforms and Business Rules

DAY 5 – Wrap Up and Roadmap

  • Validate Working APIs and Integrations

  • Define Your Roadmap for Moving Forward

Price is estimated and varies based on solution requirements and integration workloads.