CI / CD 2-day implementation

U-BTech Solutions

A complete, robust and automated CI/CD 2 day consulting for solutions for Software Developers and Intellectual Property holders

U-BTech Solutions is an expert in building custom Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines based on Azure DevOps (Formerly VSTS/TFS). Our knowledge, experience and expertise allow us to provide any software vendor with the ability to fully automate their deployment pipelines using the available tools in Azure DevOps. The process can be provided using the customer's own subscription, keeping all IP and customer data private and safe. The offer includes introduction to Azure DevOps, CI/CD:

  • Using Azure DevOps As Code Repository
  • Connecting Azure DevOps to GitHub Repositories
  • Working with Artifacts
  • Working with Boards
  • Defining CI/CD pipelines
  • Sprint methodology for fast coding sprints using Azure DevOps

Offer price and duration can vary, depending on custom needs, travel, current environment size and other variables. Average T&Cs is 2 days. Our customers will receive a more exact delivery schedule, including prices, once we finalize assessing the environment.