Azure Secure VMware SD-WAN Landing Zones - 3-hr Workshop

UBDS IT Consulting Ltd

UBDS is uniquely equipped to deliver VMware SD-WAN network solutions into Microsoft Azure Landing Zones. We will meet with you to discuss your requirements and prepare a proposal, strategy or roadmap.

Organisation wishing to extend their VMWare SD-WAN service securely into Microsoft Azure face a number of challenges these include:

  • Transport network design - Internet, ExpressRoute or both
  • SD-WAN Design - SD-WAN vEdge, SD-WAN Edge to Azure Virtual WAN or VMware Cloud Gateway to Azure Virtual WAN
  • Sizing and Scale out - Scaling for Throughput, Tunnels and Concurrent Flows
  • Security Policy - NSG's, NGFW's
  • Routing
  • Business Policy for Application Performance
  • Resilience, Redundancy & Availability
  • Management and Monitoring
  • Solution Deployment
  • Business Continuity

Organisations that want to transform their networks and extend their VMWare SD-WAN service securely into Microsoft Azure often fight two battles on various fronts. These are:

Skills Shortages The first battle is a lack of in-house skills to design/deploy/operate VMWare SD-WAN service securely in Microsoft Azure. Cloud technology evolves rapidly and this makes finding the right talent and experience tougher.

Limited Innovation The second battle is against a lack of innovation. Telecom providers often show little-to-no innovation, offering organisations template-like solutions in the hopes that a one-size-fits-all approach will get the job done. Regrettably, it hardly ever does.

These battles create a difficult climate for ambitious organisations. Realising their cloud network dream seems almost impossible. Network infrastructure limitations make it hard to transition to the cloud, and the complexity of going cloud is compounded by a lack of skilled professionals to see the project through.

And if managed cloud network providers apply one-size-fits-all solutions, costs rise. Organisations can quickly find themselves with bloated networks, confusion, and a staggering bill to pay.

UBDS is able to offer you the following services to ensure successful outcomes for your organisation:

Design UBDS are an Azure Networking Advanced Specialisation Partner with Microsoft and the first Principle Partner to hold the SD-WAN Master Services Competency with VMware. UBDS have a wealth of experience in designing VMware SD-WAN solutions into the Microsoft Azure Cloud, with complimentary capabilities in a number of Cyber Security products such as Palo Alto and Checkpoint NGFW's into Azure.

Deploy UBDS have a strong focus on Infrastructure as Code. With Infrastructure as Code, we’re able to automate the delivery of all elements of the VMware SD-WAN solution into Microsoft Azure, including patches, resiliency, provisioning and self-healing.

Operate All of the services deployed in Microsoft Azure for your VMware SD-WAN solution will be configured to be monitored by Azure Log Analytics and Azure Monitor, and we will develop integration for Event Logs & Alerting into your ITOM and ITSM Platforms.

UBDS is uniquely equipped to deliver VMware SD-WAN network solutions into Microsoft Azure Landing Zones. We’ve been the driving force behind large public and private sector VMware SD-WAN projects, having prepared original strategy and positive financial business cases, followed by the design and deployment of VMware SD-WAN solution extended to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

UBDS have supported some of the largest software-defined networks with global reach, managing SD-WAN, WiFi, Cloud Access Security Broker, and Microsoft Azure Landing Zone rollouts. Our specialisation has made us the go-to partner and won us the trust of the finance sector and government where we are delivering secure cloud networks.

Developing cloud networks doesn’t end with UBDS completing your project. We also enable clients to take back control of their networks through staff training programs. Additionally we offer fully managed, co-managed, and interim cloud network managed services with support delivered through our state-of-the-art infrastructure operations centre.

Contact us to set up a free 3-hr workshop to discuss your requirements.