ANSYS Cloud HPC Proof of Concept


This 2 week Proof of Concept is designed to demonstrate how ANSYS can be configured and scaled on Azure HPC.

Do you use ANSYS applications for engineering analysis? Would you like to learn how Azure can help you improve your ANSYS simulations? Azure HPC is a scalable modern infrastructure solution that can expand and shrink based on the needs of your engineers. Azure’s HPC platform lets you perform faster ANSYS simulations and employ advanced techniques such as parallel computations and design exploration. Azure is the foundation for you to adopt advanced product development capabilities including collaborative design, IoT, digital twins and more.

This 2 Week Proof of Concept introduces Azure HPC and leverages a proven framework to showcase ANSYS on Azure. You will learn the following:

  • How to setup ANSYS simulations on Azure quickly using UberCloud ANSYS container technology.
  • Scale ANSYS from 16 cores to 128 cores leveraging the RDMA capable Azure VMs with Infiniband networking
  • How to import your ANSYS models into Azure, run computations, and download results using the Azure data management tools.
  • Setup visualization nodes using Azure GPU instances for high end remote graphics.
  • Configure ANSYS license server for use in the cloud.
  • How to leverage the Microsoft cluster creation capabilities to create on-demand ANSYS HPC clusters.