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CST Cloud Consultation 1-Hr Briefing


A 1-hr online briefing and overview of how Azure cloud can accelerate your CST simulations.

This 1-hour custom online briefing will teach you how Azure Cloud Computing will benefit your CST simulations.

CST STUDIO SUITE® can be used to simulate a diverse set of electromagnetic phenomena ranging from low frequency to microwave and RF, as well as thermal phenomena and mechanical processes.

By running CST STUDIO SUITE® on Microsoft Azure you can take advantage of scalable, state of the art hardware resources in the cloud. Azure has the latest Intel CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs and InfiniBand networking, to enable parallel computing, parametric sweeps and more with CST STUDIO SUITE®.

UberCloud is a Partner of Dassault Systèmes, the creator and owner of the CST STUDIO SUITE® package.

Briefing Key Benefits:

  • Learn about the benefits of using Azure to run CST STUDIO SUITE®

  • How to setup CST STUDIO SUITE® simulations on Azure quickly and reliably using UberCloud container technology.

  • How to leverage CST's Distributed Computing, to parallelize your workloads on multiple cloud machines.

  • How to use Azure GPU hardware in the cloud to take advantage of CST's GPU-based computing to accelerate your simulations.

Deliverables At the end of the briefing you will have a high-level plan of what it takes to run CST STUDIO SUITE® on Microsoft Azure, as well as some idea of the timeline and costs.