Azure Resource Configuration-2 week Implementation

Ubiquity Systems, LLC "doing business as" American Commercial Credit Underwriter

Consulting services for Banks to host their data and systems on Azure's cloud resources.

The consulting is for requirements gathering for our customers to house their data and systems on Azure resources. Banks have massive data requirements stored on-site at various facilities with various on-site systems interconnected throughout their organizations. As the shift away from on-site servers to the cloud progresses Banks will want to move more of their data and systems into the cloud. As such, it is advantageous for them to migrate their data and systems to Azure cloud resources for a maximally efficient cost-effective approach. We estimate needs and suggest the appropriate Azure resources to house data and utilize virtual machines, SQL resources, etc. We also sell our software application (the American Commercial Credit Underwriter) to Banks for them to deploy it in Azure. The software helps Banks with their credit analysis and it requires a virtual machine and SQL resource in Azure.