Infrastructure Lift and Shift: 4-Wk Assessment

UnifyCloud LLC

As a Gold and Azure Migrate Partner, this seven-week assessment creates a detailed plan and cost analysis for migration of Data Centers to Azure via ‘Lift and Shift’ to VMs and Containers.

Agenda for 1st week

Engagement Kick Off

  • We will collect the infrastructure details from the data center environment. This information consists of how many servers are in the environment. Moreover, which server has what kind of OS and used for what purpose as that is used as Application server or database server.

Agenda for 2nd week

  • After collecting the data about the infrastructure, we will start collecting the performance utilization data of these servers. Also we are collecting the dependency of the servers and application. This usage data should be at least for 2 weeks, as they are required to analyze and give the recommendation to move the server on the Azure environment.

Agenda for 3rd week

  • Based on the collected utilization data and IOPS of the servers, we analyze which server will go in Azure and on what configuration level of VM. How many servers, we require on Azure to move the data center. What are the network requirements to manage the network and security?

Agenda for 4th week

  • After collecting and analyzing the data, we are ready to shift the data center from on premise to Azure. Moreover, we are providing the report that what you can pick with what configuration on Azure to move your datacenter.


  • We will help you to analyze 250 VMs with or without on premise infrastructure and provide lift and shift report to migrate infrastructure to Azure, as-is.
  • We will also provide recommendations for infrastructure and sql rightsizing, while moving to Azure SQL.
  • Provides a detailed analytic report based on the on-premises IT environment.
  • Reports generated are categorized based on Azure utilization etc.
  • Based on the Modernization Report recommendations on the sizing and nature of Cloud Services, estimates are provided for what it will cost to move all or portions of your infrastructure to the Cloud.