Azure Data Warehouse: 6-Week Strategy and Proof of Concept

Unify Consulting

Develop a data warehouse strategy and proof-of-concept to support self-service reporting.

Whether you have already migrated your data to Azure or you are just beginning your journey to the cloud, Unify can help you design and build your cloud data warehouse. Many end user analysts face challenges navigating a complex data lake as they seek the right data for reporting and analytics. The curated data they do find is often not fit for the specific analysis use cases needed leading to hours or even weeks of time and energy preparing data. Unify Consulting can help you create a data warehouse strategy, design, and foundation that avoids these pitfalls. We integrate and conform your data into a canonical data model that can answer a wide variety of questions including questions that you have not yet thought to ask. From there, the data is cleansed and integrated into a more easily understood and consumable source for the end users.

In 6-weeks, you will have the foundation for an end-to-end cloud data warehouse pilot with a selected data source and set of use cases. Unify Consulting will provide insight into best practices for building and implementing a modern, cloud-based data platform utilizing Azure. Further, we will demonstrate and build it with you!

What’s Included

Unify works directly with your team on aligning your business, data, and analytics goals. We'll tailor the following common activities to your business needs:

• Develop a plan to migrate data from legacy systems or from your existing cloud data sources to Azure 
• Create a strategy and roadmap to modernize your data warehouse with Azure Synapse Analytics
• Define repeatable patterns for data ingestion and transformation from relational database management systems, APIs, pub-sub, file-based, and other data sources
• Apply methods and patterns for both near real-time and batch-based sources
• Enable logging methods using Azure Event Hub, Azure Log Analytics, or other means
• Assess infrastructure needs and estimated costs to support the defined patterns for the platform
• Identify best practices and implementation patterns for role-based access controls and CI/CD pipelines
• Conduct knowledge sharing of Azure best practices
• Develop a detailed plan for cleansing, conforming, integrating, and modeling your initial data sets
• Conduct initial pilot of selected data in Azure Synapse Analytics
• Plan initial adoption strategy