Cloud Data Platform with Azure: 3-Weeks POC

Unify Consulting

Build an end-to-end cloud data platform on Azure and Snowflake in 3 weeks.

Every organization wants to make smart decisions. Today, having a data platform that you can trust to provide you with the information you need to gain valuable insights is a necessity; and basing that platform on two of the best data toolkits available today (Snowflake on Azure) is a good place to build that foundation.

Whether you have already migrated your data to Azure (Azure SQL, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Blob Storage, etc.) or if you are just beginning your journey to the cloud, Unify can help you with your cloud data platform – and if you don't have your data environment set up yet, no worries! We'll help you understand how to get started and get you on the path to success in the cloud!

In 3-weeks, you will be ready to implement an end-to-end cloud data platform on Azure and Snowflake. During those 3-weeks, Unify Consulting will cover a variety of topics related to building and implementing a modern, cloud-based data platform utilizing Snowflake on Azure and lead, demonstrate and build it with you!

What’s Included Working directly with your team and aligning your data and analytics goals, we'll strategically discuss and tailor the following to your business needs:  Plan to migrate data from legacy systems to Snowflake  Create a strategy to modernize your data warehouse using Snowflake  Define repeatable patterns for data ingestion and transformation from RDBMS, API, pub-sub, file-based, and other data sources  Methods and patterns for both near real-time and batch-based sources  Logging methods using Azure Event Hub, Azure Log Analytics, or other means  Infrastructure needs and estimated costs (Azure + Snowflake) to support the defined patterns for the platform  Data sharing planning using Snowflake (single region, multi-region, and even multi-cloud)  Best practices and implementation patterns for role-based access controls and CI/CD pipelines  Knowledge sharing of Snowflake on Azure best practices  Initial adoption strategy and planning