CloudForte Consulting for Azure

Unisys Corp

CloudForte™ for Azure accelerates secure cloud adoption and real-time cloud resource optimization.

Unisys CloudForte™ for Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive and customizable managed services offering that securely addresses the most critical and trickiest cloud adoption challenges agencies are facing. CloudForte™ for Azure enables the management and governance of Azure public cloud environments, the acceleration and adoption of Azure and Azure-native services, and cloud-native modernization and development. CloudForte™ is developed and deployed by seasoned Unisys cloud experts with mission-focused clients in mind.

As agencies look to strengthen their cyber posture, lower cost and provide better digital experiences, they are prioritizing cloud adoption as a fundamental way to achieve these goals. However, migration to the cloud presents its own unique set of challenges, especially around compliance and security. With a security-first mindset, CloudForte™ addresses these issues head-on, providing the necessary cloud governance, compliance and security to protect any organization’s sensitive data, without sacrificing speed and efficiency.

CloudForte services are offered in four tiers: Consume, Command, Accelerate and Transform.

CloudForte’s Consume services provide comprehensive, transparent billing services down to the Contract Line Item Number, or “CLIN”, level, while allowing clients to take full advantage of cloud consumption, including day-zero availability of new services. Every CloudForte subscription includes a Unisys Technical Account Manager to help you configure your accounts, establish service catalogs, and develop an account strategy by performing cost-modeling and what-if analyses, as well as providing recommendations for optimizing your cloud spend.

Command services establish continuous compliance and automated governance of cloud environments. Unisys fills the gap in the “shared responsibility model” and provides the guardrails you need to access cloud-native i