Monitoring Service - Implementation

Uni Systems S.M.S.A.

UniSystems Cloud Monitoring solution provides Proactive monitoring, reporting, and support for your Hybrid cloud apps and infra in order to avoid downtime frustration, and security issues.

Many organizations face significant obstacles in addressing their monitoring needs and intelligence gathering across local, cloud and cross - cloud infrastructure - this necessitates a concentration of multiple data sources e.g., security, performance, and access logs under one umbrella. Typically, organizations gather data from a variety of sources and utilize on-premises and hybrid cloud collection gathering mechanisms. Oftentimes the result is an amalgam of services that is difficult to maintain.

UniSystems solution is built on Microsoft Azure Monitor in conjunction with Azure Log Analytics and Azure Sentinel.

We Collect real time performance data, Gain insights on Application Performance and Monitor Network Performance.

Who is the Service for? UniSystems provides an advanced fully customized monitoring solution with the ability of managed services added value to: Ensure business productivity by creating a healthy, secure, and reliable Hybrid cloud environment. Increase availability and performance. Move from break and fix to proactive service. Address security and compliance challenges. Reduce maintenance effort and repetitive tasks. Reduce and/or re-allocate support costs.

Diagnose trace and address failures in near real time. Identify Bottlenecks and optimize your application performance.

With our solution you can: Collect, correlate and search your system and application data. Gain insight and intelligence across on-premise and cloud infrastructure. Customize alerts and remediate possible failure through rules and automation. Create custom dashboards for all stakeholders “Helicopter” view of infrastructure, workloads, application and security posture. Across the board improvement of capacity requirements and budget roadmap ahead of time. Dramatic reduction on potential downtimes