Citrix Desktop on Azure: 2-Wk Implementation

Uni Systems S.M.S.A.

Uni Systems can provide you with simple virtual client services on Azure infrastructure.

Virtualization is not just for the datacenter but also for the users desktops. Desktop virtualization tools and technologies allow for a wide array of ways in which to deliver a new desktop experience to users. In addition, provides instant fast and secure access to critical application and information from any device. Virtual desktops eliminate most PC issues by centralizing management and as a result of all the above enable business agility. Leveraging Citrix Virtualization on Azure enables legacy desktop replacement, Windows migration, accelerates deployment and streamlines on-going management at scale while delivering a rich user access experience. As a consequence, reduces dramatically costs and simplifies technology support.

With Citrix on Azure:


  • Shift from large-scale, one-off CapEx commitments to easier to manage OpEx expenditures.
  • Pay for only what you need, quickly scaling during high-peak periods
  • Alleviate infrastructure constraints and expedite Windows migration timelines

Why choose Uni Systems: Uni Systems is one of the most experienced and reliable systems integrators of the CEE region, having unique experience in the deployment of desktop and application virtualization projects, emphasizing that the seamless implementation can transform your entire IT ecosystem. Uni Systems’ significant experience is measurable:

  • More than 1000 customers and an established user base of over 60000 virtualized endpoints (CEE)
  • More than 5 customers with over 6000 users
  • Largest team of experts

Engage this service and UniSystems will provide a two week consulting service engagement, with the delivery of a clear and detailed plan in adopting the technology in a specific use case scenario!