DIW Analytics - Professional Services: 5-Weeks Implementation

Uni Systems S.M.S.A.

Centralize business information and make it available for Analytics and Reporting with the power of Microsoft’s Azure

Centralize business information and make it available for Analytics and Reporting with the power of Microsoft’s Azure.
UniSystems Data Platform services build on Azure offering enables you to overcome issues of legacy databases, elevate on performance and stability, improve security, utilize new data exploration capabilities while at the same time establish and assure operational costs and capital expenditures efficiency.

Modernize your data platform using Azure Data Platform and

  • Make faster and better decisions with Industry leading performance, transformational insights with data integrity.
  • Increase Availability of mission critical intelligent applications, data warehouses and data lakes.
  • Benefit from advanced security features that enable you to control unauthorized access of your private data and protect data at rest and data in use.
  • Co-operate with data engineers having astrong data management experience and a proven track record

Our services will help you:
Improve, Achieve, Establish:

  • Lower TCO with the usage of cloud resources.
  • Improved security, compliance  & advanced threat detection.
  • Enterprise scaling at the touch of a slider.
  • HA & DR built in.
  • Operational agility; No more patch management; Backups; Hardware upgrades.

Move, Host, Process and Explore any Data Source from any location using:

  • Azure Synapse
  • Azure Data Lake services
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Analysis Server
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Azure Databricks
  • Azure SQL Server.

Uni Systems provides a structured approach that will assist you in:

  • Discover & Assess you current landscape
  • Plan & Design your migration to Azure Analytics platform,
  • Build & run POC migrations to evaluate feasibility,
  • Migrate & Test your environment,
  • Ensure Performance & Security,
  • Manage and Maintain your environment in the long run.

Experience a new class of analytics and fuel your digital transformation with Uni Systems and Microsoft.