Azure OpenAI Roadmap design collaboration: Full day workshop and/or full blown GenAI use case roadmap


Unit8 helps you ideate GenAI use cases applicable to your business via a full day workshop and/or create a full blown GenAI use case roadmap

Now that you've gained insights into GenAI and formulated some initial thoughts, the logical progression post-discovery workshop is to identify use cases that offer the most viable benefits. With Unit8 you will collaboratively craft a targeted GenAI roadmap, strategically prioritizing use cases to maximize Return on Investment (ROI). Our focus is on selecting use cases that offer the most substantial value, creating a roadmap tailored to your organization's goals. We provide two options based on the level of granularity and analysis needed.

Option 1: GenAI Ideation for Immediate Impact (Estimated Time: Full Day - Workshop Format)

Immerse yourself in a dynamic one-day session. Uncover potential GenAI use cases through a structured process and insightful discussions. We delve into key questions surrounding data sensitivity, infrastructure readiness, and potential revenue. From process flows to pain points, we provide answers and categorize a long list of potential cases by feasibility and impact. As we wrap up our assessment, we will provide you with a strategic high-level framework to consider, accompanied by the most valuable use cases for further detailed scrutiny.

Key Outcomes:

  • GenAI use case ideation
  • Use case priositization and selection: the roadmap involves evaluating and strategically positioning multiple use cases within a defined time horizon and with resource allocation
  • Platform infrastructure plan: tailor platform to suit specific use case requirements while maintaining an integrated environment
  • Framework for Orchestrating Azure OpenAI Use Case Pipeline
  • Evaluation of your organization's capabilities and identification of key prerequisites before implementation
  • Overview of roles, responsibilities and processes to initiate, develop, launch and scale use cases
  • Synthesize insights from various use case implementations and align them with your company's unique strategic objectives
  • We commit to keeping you current with the rapid advancements in Azure tool capabilities

Option 2: GenAI Radmap Deep Dive (Estimated Time: 2-4 Weeks - Deep Analysis of Selected Use Cases)

Experience the depth of our consulting expertise with a comprehensive analysis, where we conduct a deep dive into selected use cases. We go beyond the surface, interviewing your employees, investigating pain points, and scrutinizing data quality. The analysis spans the identification of necessary data, infrastructure feasibility, evaluation of sensitivity, platform compatibility, and integration possibilities. With a focus on impact and operationalization, we craft a tailored roadmap, ensuring that the selected use cases align seamlessly with your organizational objectives. Whether it's a refined list of impactful use cases in a day or a comprehensive roadmap over months, our precision-driven approach ensures your Azure OpenAI strategy is not just adopted but optimized for success.

Key Outcomes:

  • Deep-dive analysis of Selected Use Cases
  • Assessment of required data & data sources
  • Assessment of data availability & quality
  • Assessment of internal skills, infrastructure readiness & systems
  • Revenue & Cost Potential Assessment
  • Platform infrastructure plan: tailor platform to suit specific use case requirements while maintaining an integrated environment
  • Framework for Orchestrating Azure OpenAI Use Case Pipeline
  • If required POC deployment including Platform, Tools, Data & Technology to deliver those use cases

Target Audience & Value

Designed for managerial and technical lead profiles this service will help you evaluate and prioritize multiple use cases. Our strategic approach to developing a Generative AI Roadmap is guided by a structured process, beginning with the identification of critical business pain points and objectives. This involves brainstorming and discussing various possibilities across the value chain. Subsequently, we will leverage these insights to craft actionable use cases, evaluating both their potential impact and feasibility. We explore both short-term and long-term options. We will meticulously define the necessary requirements in terms of data, security measures, platform infrastructure, and roles to successfully deliver the prioritized use cases. Through this methodical approach, we will build with you a roadmap that leverages Azure Open AI effectively while aligning with the organization's objectives and strategies.

Unit8 can also advise on the topics related to company wide GenAI enablement including - infrastructure needs, data governance, trainings, user adoption and more. Talk to us about tailor-made GenAI workshops.

Next Steps → → → Azure OpenAI Accelerator deployment with custom use case implementation

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