Business Continuity with Azure: 3-D Assessment

Unity Solutions SRL

Simple yet effective business continuity assessment using pre-existing Azure infrastructure, assuring best managing risk mitigation with a very affordable financial cost and fast deployment

Resilience is the desire of each company and planning ahead is the first step to start. Our team is ready to engage within a proper business impact analysis (BIA) and detection of main priority areas, along with the design of the possible scenarios to consider. Using BIA, our team will connect with each critical business operational department owner/team and will identify proper vulnerabilities as well as necessary strategy to assure proper business continuity. Once the BIA report is conducted, an Azure BC architectural solution will be presented with proper identification of needed resources as well as estimated costs. Based on approval architectural layout, Unity team and Beneficiary IT team (if exists) will be able to create all needed resources within Azure Beneficiary tenant and arrange the testing of environment. Azure platform is coming with included Disaster Recovery as a Service solution in collaboration with Azure Backup, allowing fast provisioning, easy orchestration and manageable architecture. Not in the end the cost is mostly assured by the space reserved as all virtual machines are not kept live, with the exception when testing of DRC is plan. Deliverables:

  • Business impact assessment
  • DRC architectural layout
  • Azure tenant with proper implementation to test the new setup
  • Documentation on how the new DRC can be tested for compliance Conclusion:
  • Reduced complexity and automated failover
  • Replication and compliance testing
  • One place to manage DR
  • High-availability and instant support
  • Reduced financial costs
  • Unity team beside the business departments along the proper requirements identification as well as during the technical implementation GET IN TOUCH with our team today!