Modernise Data Warehouse on Azure-2 Day Assessment


Assessment of Azure Cloud services to build and deploy modern data services and increase agility, scalability and reliability on your data

Especially in times of rapidly changing markets, decision-support should promote the quickest possible knowledge growth. Advanced analytics and new ways of working with data also create new requirements that surpass the traditional concepts.

Microsoft Azure provides an unmatched capability and services to build an efficient and agile data platform for businesses. We will work with you in this workshop to establish your requirement and how Azure analytics can help in achieving your goals.

Day 1:

On the first day, we would be gathering information about your current data warehouse, BI & Analytics solution details. We would like you to bring information about:

  • Different source systems where data is being created
  • Current state of any data warehouse or BI solutions being used
  • KPIs and key question business wants to answer based on data

Later in the workshop, we would jointly establish key goals and objectives along with the business benefits of using analytics.

Day 2:

We will create a preliminary business case report covering the following topics:

  • Current State and Challenges
  • Future State and Benefits
  • High-Level Roadmap
  • Proposal for Detailed assessment as required.


Our 2-day assessment will include the following deliverables:

  • Current system assessment and recommendation report
  • High-level Azure analytics (Synapse, Data Lake, Data Factory, Databricks) reference architecture customized to your business context.

Our Azure consulting team will bring strategic expertise, planning, and design skills, complementing your existing team knowledge.