Profisee DevOps


Azure DevOps accelerator to help automate Profisee deployments

Our accelerator provides an Azure DevOps pipeline and associated script templates that will automatically execute the Profisee import and export routines to move configuration, code and data between environments.

It will export configuration from your development environment, check it in to your GitHub repository and allow users to raise Pull requests to promote all the latest changes and import the configuration to either your test or production environments.

It will allow a user to select which type of artefacts need to be deployed e.g., forms, views etc and covers deployment of any Azure functions associated with your Profisee solution that are called by Profisee webhooks.

It uses Azure DevOps pipelines functionality to allow deployments to be approved prior to execution and uses parameters to hold the specific details of each environment.

The templates can be used for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS instances of Profisee using DevOps self-hosted agents.

For this price you will get our templates and 2 days of consultancy to help you configure them for your environment. Additional consultancy days can also be purchased if required.

This offer is only available to end user organisations, once you have the templates deployed you are free to customise them as you wish and therefore when you have taken ownership of the templates Valcon will no longer offer free support.

The price is an introductory price for purchase orders signed in Q2.

We also have other Profisee accelerators available that can be used to accelerator your Profisee implementation – see accelerators slide.