Azure Chatbot Services: 8-Week Implementation

Valence Group

Valence will build a conversational chatbot utilizing Azure Bot Service that can integrate with your backend data, enabling access to things like sales and operational data, FAQs, and much more.

Valence will build a fully functional chatbot using Azure Bot Service that integrates with your existing backend services and Azure cloud environment.

Standard access to company-related data and systems can be difficult. Data can span many disparate systems, often requiring training, documentation, and ongoing user support to access. This can be time consuming and expensive. Conversational interfaces such as chatbots provide a much more natural method of communicating with systems to retrieve data and perform actions. Valence has extensive experience developing and integrating custom voice interface solutions within the enterprise using Azure-based technologies.


As part of this engagement, Valence will conduct the following:

  • Review business requirements related to chatbot design and development
  • Identify backend systems to be accessed by a chatbot
  • Development of a production-grade chatbot integrated with backend systems
  • Development of an analytics platform to gather insights from the developed application
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Deployment of the end-to-end solution into customer's Azure subscription


Deliverables of the engagement will include:

  • Architecture documentation
  • Source code of developed solution
  • Operational documentation, including deployment and configuration instructions

The price of the engagement will vary based on the number and complexity of the backend systems with which the chatbot will interface.