DevOps: 1-Day Assessment

Valence Group

Valence has extensive experience with mature agile delivery utilizing continuous delivery, continuous integration, Azure monitoring and best practices. We can assess your DevOps solution needs.

Valence will conduct a free 1-day assessment to discuss your DevOps needs and how they might be addressed with an Azure-based implementation solution.


As part of this assessment, Valence will facilitate a discussion focused on your DevOps requirements. The agenda topics will include:

  • Discussion of current customer products and roadmap, and associated interest in DevOps.
  • Assessment of current CD, CI, Security capabilities, if any
  • Discussion of current Azure usage
  • Discussion of high level business goals such as analytics, predictive maintenance, monitoring, etc.
  • Overview and education around common Azure DevOps services and best practices, including agile, continuous integration, tooling, current practices, continuous delivery, platforms, and use cases.
  • Discussion related to next steps beyond assessment


  • Feasibility assessment related to potential solution
  • Proposal for implementation of solution including timeline and pricing
  • Conceptual architecture of solution