DevOps: 3-Day Workshop

Valence Group

During this interactive workshop, Valence will audit your existing projects for DevOps opportunities, educate on best practices, present working demos, and discuss an Azure DevOps integration plan.

Getting your products into the hands of your customers can be an intimidating aspect of software delivery and a large risk factor for your stakeholders. A culture of proper DevOps facilitated by the right infrastructure and tooling will help minimize risk with deployments. An Azure-based DevOps implementation will enable your development team to focus on features while allowing your Product Owner to manage when and what is released to your customers. Always Auditable and Always Shippable are the mantra, and an Azure DevOps solution is the path forward.


Valence will conduct a 3-day workshop on-site. The following is a baseline agenda that can be adjusted to meet specific customer requirements:

Day 1

  • Kickoff (introductions, review agenda & goals)
  • Introduction to DevOps
  • Analysis of an existing project
    • Project demo
      • Demo of existing processes (adding features, deployment, hotfixes, testing)
      • Demo of existing roles and responsibilities (Dev, QA, IT)
      • Q&A
  • Lunch
  • Demos of existing DevOps practices Valence has developed
    • Continuous integration (CI), continuous development (CD), cloud monitoring, cloud security, containerization
  • CMMI audit of an existing customer project and CMMI goals setting, including requirements gathering for customer implementation

Day 2

  • Develop DevOps architecture and roadmap for CMMI goals
  • Review DevOps positive disruption and impacts to current delivery on roles and responsibilities (Dev, QA, DevOps)
  • Review, Q&A
  • Lunch
  • Containerization workshop and requirements gathering for customer DevOps implementation
  • Release management workshop and requirements gathering for customer DevOps implementation

Day 3

  • Test-driven development workshop (focus on Cucumber) and requirements gathering

The price is an estimate for a standard on-site 3-day workshop. Price is subject to change based on additional workshop training requirements or customization.