Azure IoT Services: 4-Week Proof of Concept

Valence Group

Valence will build a prototype using Azure IoT services that connects a Linux device of your choosing to your Azure cloud environment, enabling real-time data ingestion and visualization of your data.

Leveraging Azure IoT Services, Valence will build a working prototype that demonstrates the capabilities and benefits of Azure IoT.

We help our clients adopt IoT technology in line with their business goals. We are relentless in asking the right questions, so we deploy systems that will yield actionable and measurable results. We work with our clients to determine the best, most efficient ways to integrate IoT technology into their business, along with AI, data analytics, IoT systems, and other leading-edge transformational technologies.


As part of this proof of concept engagement, Valence will conduct the following:

  • Review business requirements related to IoT system development
  • Assess Linux edge device compatibility as it relates to Azure IoT SDK functionality
  • Identify edge sensor data to be collected (e.g. vibration, temperature, pressure, etc)
  • Identify a single command to demonstrate cloud-to-device capabilities (e.g. relay switching, configuration change, etc)
  • Identify security and provisioning requirements (e.g. X.509, group symmetric key, DPS, etc)
  • Development of source code for customer Linux-based IoT device to communicate with Azure IoT Hub, written in Python or C++
  • Development of Azure IoT backend services and associated website and analytics dashboard
  • Deployment of the end-to-end proof of concept into customer's Azure subscription


Deliverables of the engagement will include:

  • Architecture of the Azure IoT-based solution that meets the customer requirements
  • Source code of the developed solution (for both edge and cloud)
  • Deployment and configuration instructions for the proof of concept
  • SQL database to store all ingested sensor data
  • Management website (with basic HTTP Auth) to enable device twin modification for cloud-to-device purposes
  • PowerBI dashboard to visualize ingested sensor data

The estimate may vary based on the complexity and functionality of the customer's chosen edge device.