Digital Platform for Contracting: Proof of Concept

Vana Solutions

Vana’s contracting solution for government streamlines the contracting lifecycle from contract initiation to records management providing a cloud or on-prem platform for Agile Acquisition

Insight | Productivity | Compliance

In today’s federal procurement environment, agencies are looking to optimize their business operation to support agile acquisition. Vana’s Digital Platform for Contracting (DPC) tool is a flexible and configurable solution that streamlines the contracting lifecycle from contract initiation to contract close-out while providing records management.

DPC transforms your contracting activities by leveraging technology to streamline the contracting process while providing visibility, transparency, and reporting during the procurement life cycle.

Contact Vana for a free assessment and price quote regarding how DPC can reduce your cycle time, improve transparency, and elevate your contracting process lifecycle.

DPC’s features include:

  • Automation & Operational Excellence
  • Increased productivity and efficiencies while reducing cycle-time, task management, workflows, digitalized notes, phase management

Visibility with Reporting & Analysis

  • Increased visibility into organization’s contracting actions and status, cycle-time, audit history, custom analysis, data-driven results

Secure Role-Based Collaboration

  • Provide simultaneous access to multiple users, locations, processes and documents within the contract file

Integrated Review & Approval Process

  • Support regulation and policy compliance with a fully integrated and collaborative contract review and approval capability

Flexible Deployment Model

  • Cloud or on-premises

User Experience and Training

  • Ease of use, business rules driven for FAR compliance contract files, robust search, with on-demand training and references at your fingertips.