Enterprise Hybrid Cloud: 10-Week Implementation

AC3 Pty Ltd (Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communication Pty Ltd)

Professional Service to enable Hybrid Cloud Foundations on Azure and migrate workloads. Typical hybrid cloud enablement will take an approximate duration of 5 agile sprints (10 Weeks).

The path for a successful cloud adoption can be complex for many enterprises as it requires more than the typical technology deployment stages. Today’s cloud adoption requires deeper & broader transformation across an organisation, including setting up business plans & expectations, process updates and technical readiness.
AC3 has worked with customers and helped solve some of the most common obstacles in their cloud journey, including: proper cloud governance in controlling and reducing costs, ensuring security and establishing the right migration strategy & foundation to define a path to the cloud.

Solution Overview:

The Enterprise Hybrid Cloud creates the foundation and establishes a Hybrid Azure environment based on Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework. This solution is backed by AC3's Professional Services team to provide expert advice & recommendations during the migration process.

The service includes:

  • Rationalisation of the on-premises environment to identify potential cloud-ready workloads.
  • Establishment of the cloud foundations to ensure a compliant & secure hybrid cloud setup on Azure.
  • Planning & execution of the cloud migration, while ensuring the infrastructure can be efficiently managed & governed.
  • Setting you up on your Azure journey following industry best practices automation methodologies, leveraging on new technologies & tooling such as DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, Configuration as Code etc. to ensure ongoing success.
  • Further Cloud adoption & review after migration, offering continuous improvement & ongoing cloud support recommendations.

**Pricing is only an approximation based on 7 workload waves (1x 30VMs Workload Migrated to IaaS, 2x 10VMs Workloads Migrated to IaaS, 4x 10VMs Workloads Migrated to IaaS & PaaS Databases).