Accelerating Big Data ROI with Databricks-2 Wk POC


Accelerate your returns on investment with Big Data and Data Science using Azure Databricks.

Combining Big Data and Data Science capabilities in one place allows your Data Engineers and Data Scientists to collaborate more closer and deliver large leaps in ROI.

Knowing how to use Azure Databricks effectively allows you to harness your big data pipeline and get the most from your Data Scientists and Data engineers. In turn they can provide you with real-time decision support platform that drives allows you to get true Returns on Investment.

In this engagement, we offer a professional service to enabling you to experience a POC in Azure. The basic PoC lasts 2 weeks and costs $20k.

Further service deliverables below:

Implementation: Stand-up of the customers Azure environment, set up the required architecture and then deploying Azure Data Services for the required workload. From this work we would expect to see the following services in place:

  • Azure Databricks
  • Data Lake or Blob Storage
  •   Azure governance and monitoring

We will also conduct a handover of final documentation covering how the environment is further developed in. Final presentation of what was done and how to move forward, and provision of As-built documentation and next steps.

Take advantage of this professional service for Azure today!