Azure Cloud Migration Implementation: 8-Weeks

Venzo A/S

Let VENZO facilitate a smooth and successful migration for your company with Microsoft Azure

We provide cloud migration implementation services that helps your company to prepare for the scope and scale of the future by brining server infrastructure to the cloud. VENZO can help you achieve better scalability, security, and versatility with a cost-effective and more sustainable solution in Microsoft’s cloud service. We help you to take advantage of all the benefits and opportunities related to migrating their workloads to the cloud – such as;

  • Save money - on the expenses of hardware and maintenance for on-premises data center
  • Pay-as-you-go model - with Microsoft’s flexible model, you only pay for the cloud capacity used in Azure.
  • High protection and accessibility of workloads - Whether working remotely or at the office, your workloads are accessible and protected.
  • Energy efficiency - Moving to Microsoft’s sustainable data centers not only helps you to save money, it is also more energy efficient and sustainable.
  • On demand - respond to changes in needs and wants based on scale applications and workloads on demand solutions.

    Our approach
    Our specialists can help you understand your needs and opportunities and guide you to the best ways to move further into the clouds, no matter whether you seek a full or partial cloud transition. VENZO also advices on cost optimization and governance - and together we can plan, design, configure, and automate the best future-proof solution for your organization. We help you the whole way – from end to end. Our approach consists of four phases:
  1. Assessment of current IT infrastructure and future needs 
  2. Advisory of Azure migration
  3. Establishing a landing zone
  4. Performing a phased migration

    VENZO have profound experience in assessing and implementing cloud solutions also for some of the largest organizations and with security in our DNA, we always incorporate the the optimal security standards.