Azure IoT & ML Solutions: 6-WK Implementation

Venzo A/S

Take advantage of ML/AI to manage your assets and critical machinery successfully with IoT and Cloud Based Surveillance solutions

We enable companies to automate, monitor, and plan future needs for key critical assets and components based on custom algorithms & latest cloud technology.
Microsoft’s Azure services and technology provides the opportunity to build intelligent monitoring and advanced IoT models quickly and cost effectively to help manage your assets and machinery.

VENZO can help your organization to safeguard against production downtime and to reduce operational cost using IoT and machine learning solutions. We help you leverage your existing IoT device and real time data to monitor and predict abnormal behavior across your connected devices through predictive maintenance models. Our practice covers services such as:

  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Azure IoT Central
  • Azure ML Hub
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure Stack Edge
  • Hybrid Networking & Devices

Our approach
Our Data Science Specialists can help you leverage the benefits and opportunities that IoT and Machine Learning provides by guiding you on your new digital asset surveillance journey. Customization and co-creation is at the heart our approach – which consists of four phases:

  1. Envisioning : We help you to identify and prioritize relevant cases for predictive manufacturing and maintenance. We work closely with your technical specialists and key stakeholders to translate their knowledge into data and IoT models.
  2. Discovery & Assessment: We map your data estate and structure to understand your existing surveillance alarm setup. Together we co-create new surveillance models on your real-time data and IoT devices.
  3. Model development: we help set up data pipelines, and work with you to co-create a single-point-of-access and web-portal for staff, on-site engineers and maintenance technicians to access and interact with the model.
  4. Onboarding & Training: We train your staff to understand & manage surveillance models and ensure successful take-off.