Cloud Migration Assessment 5-Weeks

Venzo A/S

Let VENZO assist you in all stages of your journey to Azure from plotting the right strategy, to designing, planning and operationalizing your new environment

Gain insights
Successful cloud migrations need thorough planning. Confident and realistic translation of business goals into technical requirements and solutions are essential to the project outcome. That’s why VENZO always initiates migration assessments with in-depth workshops and interviews with strategy and service-owners. Structured engagements help us learn and discover the priorities of our clients. We believe, that precise scoping and data collection are essential to properly estimate timeline and project investment, but also avoid pitfalls and unexpected challenges on your journey.

Make informed decisions
Leveraging the workshop, collected data and insights, VENZO prepares an in-depth report. The report takes advantage of advanced Microsoft algorithms, to assess and provide a full picture of your current environment and its “migration readiness”. Having analyzed the data of the infrastructure, VENZO produces a business plan for moving forward, as well as an overview of all technical findings and recommendations for a successful migration.

Migrate with confidence
We want our clients to move onto migration with confidence. Delivering a report with clear and actionable insights and recommendations. You will get:. • Total Cost of Ownership, including estimated savings & Return on Investment • Technical recommendations and findings • Architectural design of proposed solutions components in Azure • VENZO presents, discusses, and hands over the report in a concluding workshop upon finalizing the assessment.