Data Archive Platform - 4 weeks - PoC

Venzo A/S

VENZO offers a data archiving solution built on Microsoft's services. With the expertise of good engineering, effective architecture and and eye for security, VENZO will deliver a quality solution.

VENZO offers a data archiving solution. By implementing the services provided by Microsoft Azure, VENZO will build a powerful platform with a focus on data immutability to ensure quality and protection of your information. The solution will center around parallel computing for the data ingestion, creating an easy solution for ingestion to data sources. With the application of automatic life cycle management of the data, we’ll establish a policy-based approach to manage the flow of the information in its lifecycle: from creation and storage/archiving to when it becomes obsolete and deleted. Furthermore, this data can be made quarriable with SQL through Azure Synapse. This creates an opportunity for further linked services to connect to each data source and archive storage, making it easy to develop a tailored pipeline. Your data will be saved in archive mode for the minimal of cost.

Data governance is part of the process. The archive solution is therefore only part of the offering, as VENZO acknowledges the need for admins to gain an overview of the data within your respected organization. Microsoft Purview Studio will act as a fundamental part of this process to ensure that the end users of your business can use this information for business value purposes. With purview studio, VENZO guarantees these services:

• Automatically apply labels to data – create labels & tagging sensitive data • Glossary – create common definitions, synonyms etc. for surrounding data • Data lineage – see where your data lives, transformed and the end result

At VENZO, security comes first. Your experience with Microsoft Purview Studio will combine authorization and authentication to make sure your data stays safe. In more concrete terms, the security involved will be a measure of:

• Authorization (granting access) - smart authentication is enabled, and the structure follows the Azure Role-Based Access Control • Authentication (securing the access grant) – validate users access & all transmissions are encrypted to prevent theft

Data Archiving is a vulnerable and time-demanding process. VENZO has the experience and knowledge to ensure a solid infrastructure to host your data archive, and furthermore ensure effective architecture with high security.