Microsoft Windows 365: 1-day workshop

Venzo A/S

Empower your knowledge and competencies on Microsoft Windows 365 with VENZO's 1-day Workshop

The VENZO_ Windows 365 Workshop is a 1-day engagement that helps you to get familiar with the Azure Windows 365 technology delivered by Microsoft, set up a demo of Windows 365 in your Azure tenant, receive answers to your questions, and determine what the next steps are.

Windows 365 from Microsoft is an effective way to provide and manage multiple, robust desktop configurations at a predictable cost using a preconfigured Azure infrastructure. Windows 365 brings the new Azure Cloud PC hybrid personal computing category to life, using the power of the Azure cloud and the capabilities of the device to provide a full, personalized Microsoft Windows experience. The new Microsoft Windows experience comes as organizations around the world grapple with the best ways to facilitate hybrid work models where employees are both on-site and distributed across the globe. The flexibility and agility empower remote users, contract and temporary employees with access and the applications they need, no matter where they are located.

The workshop provides awareness of use cases, pricing, adoption model, Microsoft best practices and VENZO’s captured knowledge on Windows 365. Clients also receive an overview of the next steps on how to implement a Windows 365 solution in their environment.

During the workshop you will:

Discover how Windows 365 works and how to get the most value from it

Learn how Windows 365 fits into the Azure Product Suite

Go through the deployment process and requirements

Discover the end-user experience

Go through Windows 365 security – built on Zero-Trust principle

See how to set up monitoring and analytics

Learn about the differences between Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop

Plan next steps like setting up your core infrastructure in the Azure Cloud. - Licensing on Windows 365.