Windows Virtual Desktop 5-Weeks Implementation

Venzo A/S

VENZO offers full end-to-end implementation of Windows Virtual Desktop.

Windows Virtual Desktop
Window Virtual Desktop is an ideal desktop and app virtualization solution for rapid and remote deployment of new workspaces to users working from home or on the go.

Many organizations are increasingly moving towards remote work. While having a mobile workforce offers many advantages, it also creates requirements of easy access and seamless productivity for employees. An optimal mean of accomplishing this is by enabling Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).

Our Approach
VENZO offers end-to-end consulting services including assessment, design, implementation, and employee adoption training of Windows Virtual Desktop. Our offering is founded in ensuring a deep understanding and alignment of your organization's goals and objectives, which we will fulfill and challenge based on our profound experience. From here, our approach consists of five phases:

  1. Assessment - Understanding the customers environment
  2. Design - Designing a secure and resilient WVD setup
  3. Configure - Configure and deploy WVD host pools and Windows 10 images
  4. Migration - Migration to the new WVD environment
  5. Adoption - Change management and user training

Benefits of WVD
By utilizing WVD your organization can reap multiple benefits. First and foremost let your employees enable secure and productive remote work from any device. Secondly, with WVD you can protect yourself and stay productive during outages by leveraging built-in Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup technologies. Thirdly, reduce your costs of licensing and infrastructure by utilizing eligible Microsoft 365 licenses to access WVD and pay only for what you use. Moreover, maximize your use of Virtual Machines through the exclusive Windows 10 multi-session capability. Lastly, simplify you IT management! WVD manages the virtual desktop infrastructure for you, so you can focus on users, apps, and OS images instead of hardware inventory and maintenance.