Cloud Assessment 2-week Workshop

Veracity Solutions Inc

Veracity Solutions will provide a roadmap to successfully transform your organization in Microsoft Azure.

Our cloud consultant engages with clients to complete the following activities over a 1 – 2 week period:

  • Scope, business, and technical drivers for moving to Microsoft Azure are identified. This top-down evaluation assesses 30+ attributes such as performance, architecture, finances, risks, operations, security & compliance, and business criticality to understand the applications and workloads that can benefit the most from early migration to Microsoft Azure.
  • Migration suitability analysis is conducted to determine the readiness and priority of each application for migration.
  • Veracity consultants conduct a technical assessment, evaluating 20+ parameters such as server size, network, database, security, compliance, and VMs.
  • A re-host compatibility evaluation is conducted using industry-known assessment and migration tools along with Veracity Solutions' proprietary frameworks.
  • Once the application complexity and potential benefits for cloud migration are finalized, a cloud migration strategy focused on re-hosting, refactoring, or rebuilding is selected.