Conversational AI for Healthcare: 4 Hour Workshop


Conversational AI and Bot creation to drive innovation and support customer service and patient success in the healthcare industry.

Conversational AI will continue to have a direct impact on healthcare delivery and health services as healthcare providers continue to find new ways to deliver care in a digital landscape.

Through bot and voice technologies, healthcare providers can build closer connections with patients, decrease customer service times and create better patient experiences.

This workshop is utilized to build the conversational AI roadmap for healthcare providers, showcasing the ways Microsoft and VERSA can deliver bot solutions utilising Microsoft AI and Machine Learning by creating intelligent chatbots that harness the power of your data to provide better responses, reduce customer service inquiries and improve patient experience.

VERSA's team of Conversational AI experts will work closely with you in this session to determine areas of opportunity for the customer to see the ways which Azure machine learning, data and AI together to create new ways for customers to interact with government services.

In this workshop, the customer and VERSA will work together to discover, ideate and define how conversational AI powered by Microsoft can create new patient experiences which are powered by bot and voice technology built on Azure.