Conversational AI Digital Marketing 4 Hr Workshop


Conversational AI and Bots for Digital Marketing

Conversational AI is an entirely new way for brands to build valuable relationships with consumers, and for them to interact with brands.

VERSA creates meaningful conversations with your users to drive brand engagement, transaction volume & share of wallet.

This workshop unlocks the conversational AI roadmap for marketers, showcasing the ways Microsoft and VERSA can deliver bot solutions utilising Microsoft AI, Machine Learning Data and Analytics by creating intelligent chatbots that harness the power of your data to best serve current and future customers.

Conversational AI elevates digital marketing initiatives by focusing on 4 core areas:

  1. Revenue generation
  2. Customer acquisition
  3. Customer retention
  4. Lifetime value

VERSA's team of Conversational AI experts will work closely with you in this session to determine areas of opportunity for the customer to see the ways which Azure Machine Learning, Azure Bot Service and Analytics together to create new ways for customers to interact with brands.

In this workshop, the customer and VERSA will work together to discover, ideate and define how conversational AI powered by Microsoft can create new experiences which alleviate demand on call centers and improve customer interactions.